Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dr. Pranjal Shamsher, the Multi-Therapy Consultant at Dr. Health, Bangalore says, Combining various streams of therapy intelligently can work wonders

Dr Pranjal Shamsher at Dr. Health Clinic, Bangalore is a Multi-Therapy Consultant and a pioneer in skin friendly acne treatments. Dr. Pranjal Shamsher believes that combining various streams of therapy intelligently can work wonders. Dr. Pranjal Shamsher wanted to be a homoeopath but now she practices aromatherapy, nutrition therapy and even acupuncture. Dr. Pranjal Shamsher calls her approach "Multi-therapy".

Check out her unique mode of treatment. When a patient walks in complaining of arthritis, Dr. Pranjal Shamsher first recommends needle-less acupuncture and then homoeopathy. She says that the first provides quick relief and the second long-lasting relief. Dr. Pranjal Shamsher runs her clinic, Dr. Heath at Bangalore with her husband Dr. Shahid Shamsher, a trichologist, who also practices the same type of therapy. She strongly feels that diet plays a major role in overall heath, and hence, her emphasis on nutrition therapy.

Dr. Pranjal Shamsher believes that “Eating and drinking the right things makes a bigger difference to the speed and quality of recovery than we realize. There are people who take the right drugs but eat the wrong food and are totally unmindful of the effect of the latter on their health. Many even think food is irrelevant as long as they are ingesting the right medicine. So we make them understand and then enforce a carefully customized diet regimen.”

Her decision to add aromatherapy to her spectrum of qualifications came after she trained and set up practice in homoeopathy. As a skin consultant, Dr. Pranjal Shamsher had been recommending oral homoeopathic medicines for skin problems but constantly felt the need to supplement this with a skin application that would speed the recovery and also give the patient visible evidence of treatment. Aromatherapy seemed to be the answer since it is one that basically works by external application. She also realized there were too few serious and knowledgeable practitioners of this art. "Aromatherapy applications are easy to use. We use highly concentrated oils which are blended in a base. This base can be a greasy or non-greasy depending on the nature of the problem and its area of occurrence. I always do a patch test on patients before application despite using aromatherapy oils known to be free of side-effects” says Dr. Pranjal Shamsher, Dr. Health Clinic, Bangalore.

Dr. Pranjal Shamsher, also narrates an interesting tale about the origin of Aromatherapy. "It is a 6,000-year-old science that actually was rediscovered in 1920 when a French scientist Maurice Gattefosse had an explosion in his lab, and as a reflex, he put his hand in a jar of lavender oil. Later he saw that the healing was quicker and more complete on the parts that came in contact with the oil." How does the multi-pronged approach work? Dr. Pranjal Shamsher illustrates it with an example. In the case of leucoderma, she first prescribes homoeopathic medicine to act as immune modulators and then uses aromatherapy to re-pigment the skin.

Then there is also Nutritional Therapy says Dr. Pranjal Shamsher, Dr. Health Clinic, Bangalore, "We recommend lotus stems in one's diet along with a mixed juice of watermelon and black currant." Finally, acupuncture is used to control damage to the melanocytes. This method is most useful for people suffering from chronic illnesses because they can make available treatment from different branches of medicine at the same time.

To conclude with Dr. Pranjal Shamsher, Dr. Health Clinic, Bangalore says, "I am happy that I chose this career. I love my treatment because it is complete and is holistic in nature. I feel I have gained much more professional success and satisfaction in treating patients using this approach than I would have if I had restricted myself to homoeopathy alone."

Dr. Pranjal Shamsher, the Multi-Therapy Consultant at Dr. Health Clinic, Bangalore has her clinics located at R.T Nagar, Indiranagar, Jayanagar and Malleswaram. Dr. Pranjal Shamsher can be contacted at 42067474/75 or 23568290/91.


  1. The concept of Multi-Therapy sounds good. Combining various streams of therapy in the right way will ensure quick healing and show wonders. After all a patient needs results.

  2. Eating and drinking the right things along with proper drugs is important but we find it difficult to follow this with the kind of work schedule and environment that we survive in.

  3. Good article. I liked that the doctor strongly believes in her treatment and pursues it with passion.

  4. Excellent article...

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  5. I believe in homoepathy and Aromatherapy and my first preference is always for them.

  6. I believe in Homoepathy and Aromatherapy as they have minimal or no side effects at all. They are always my first preferences.

  7. "Homeopathy is affordable, and easy to use even on infants. It empowers me to help myself, my children - all my loved ones, right from home."